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st George philatelic society

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About Us

The St. George Philatelic Society has a long and exciting Stamp Collecting History and is full of interesting and sometimes colourful people.
It was the first suburban stamp club in Australia, formed in 1895 and established in 1937.
We have an extensive library which includes articles from the St. George Philatelist magazines. The St. George Philatelist extended over 55 years.
They aim to please and most of all enjoy helping other collectors. They meet at the Rockdale Hall, 36 George Street, Rockdale.
If you want to learn more, come along and see for yourself.

Affiliated with

Philatelic Association of NSW (PHILAS)




Sale by tender

Exchange or circuit books

Wheelchair access

2023 Meeting Dates

1 May

5 June

3 July

7 August

Meeting Time

First Monday of each month (except January) at 7.30pm - 10pm

Meeting Place

Rockdale Hall (formerly the Rockdale Senior Citizens Centre), 36 George Street, Rockdale NSW

How To Get There

   By car, 2 streets behind Town Hall (on Princes Highway and parallel).
   By train, alight at Rockdale Station, then it is a 700 mtrs walk.


Membership fees

$7.00 per annum
Juniors (under 18 yrs) - free
Fees are due in February each year



From a Baby Dragon to a

Mighty St. George

The Beginnings

Established, Wednesday, 11th August, 1937 at the Kogarah School of Arts.
With Mr. William Stewart, President, and Mr. E. Bagshaw, Hon. Secretary.
(Mr Bill Stewart was a Bexley Stamp Dealer from 1936, moving to the City in 1938.)

Early Years

After the Second World War, the first “Georgepex” was held in 1958, the Society’s 21st Anniversary. Further Exhibitions were held in 1962 (25th Anniversary), 1967 (30th), 1972 (35th), 1987 (Jubilee Anniversary), and 2007 (70th Anniversary).

A History Book outlining the progress of the Society was produced. It was reported in 1974 that the Society had 120 members and was the fourth largest, out of 100 clubs in Australia.

The Society produced a Philatelic Magazine, in 1954 called “Philatales” which later became “The St. George Philatelist” from 1974. The first use of the old Society emblem, with scroll, was seen on the cover and the Syllabus in 1948. The Society also issues an Appreciation Certificate and has a Membership Badge that was produced in 1965.

In all, to date the Society has had 10 Presidents and 15 Secretaries. The Syllabus for the meetings over the years have been many and varied with interesting displays.

The club holds an Auction each night and has Circuit Books available to members.

Club page updated 17/04/2023

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