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Ted Lean accepting the certificate from Andrew Foldes on behalf of the Burke family for their display in July 2020 of:

   Controlling & Managing the Mail

At our first post - lockdown meeting on 13 July, George Petridis and Ted Lean had the tables set up to allow for appropriate 'social distancing'.

At our March 2020 meeting, David Burns awarded the Certificates to:

  Jeff Newman for his display of   North Malayan States


  and to Paul Storm for his display:   Julius Blau - Traveller and Salesman.

Photos from 2019

Photo from 2018

  Frank Cook receives his 'O.B.E.' from President Phillip Miller for becoming Over Blooming 80.

Robert Layzell received the Alex Marks Annual Trophy for his display of The 1947 Royal Tour of South Africa.

Paul Storm and Gloria Bradley receive their certificates for presenting displays to the club.