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Club  Packs

Philas Club Pack

    The Philas Club Packs contain 25 Sale by Tender lots and are useful to assist Stamp Clubs in expanding the services offered to their members as well as adding to their income. The Packs consist of world stamp lots (sets and singles) ready for sale at Club meetings.

    These 25 items may be used in any number of ways. Primarily, they can serve as Sale by Tender lots but they can also be used for Lucky Door prizes, handouts to new members and encouragement awards to members for jobs well done.

    The minimum value of any lot is $1.00. A pack can contain lots with a total value varying between $25 and $200. A minimum of two months notice is required for the supply of these Packs. There is some flexibility in the supply of packs should certain values be required. If you have a specific need, the more notice that you give, the better your chances of success.

   With the long lead time, it becomes necessary to plan Club activities well in advance to ensure the timely arrival of the Packs. However, the long lead time can be overcome by placing “standing” orders, either by arranging for a Pack to be supplied on a regular basis, or by forwarding a cheque and having Packs provided progressively until the value of the cheque has been used up.

    Club Packs are another way to either supplement the Club’s funds or provide benefits to its members.

How To Obtain a Club Pack(s)

    Download the club pack order form.

    More than one pack at a time can be ordered but it is preferred that the packs be made available one at a time. The packs take time to prepare, and there is a limit on the material available.

The packs can either be mailed to your Club, or can be picked up from Philas House on a Tuesday or Saturday.

Cost of the Pack to Clubs

    Philas will price the material reasonably to achieve an adequate return for their effort. If fewer than the 25 items are taken by the Club (and the rest are returned) the cost to the Club will be the Philas reserve prices less 10%. Should the Club keep the whole pack, the Club discount will increase to 15%. The other significant advantage of this latter option is that there is no return postage to worry about. Experience has shown that most clubs receiving these Packs keep all of the items.

    Assuming that the material is to be sold as Sale by Tender items, there is no requirement that the prices be those set by Philas. The Clubs are quite free to set their own selling prices, which may be higher or lower than the Philas reserve price. This freedom could improve the return to the Club considerably and thereby remove the problem of postage costs, thus permitting a much wider distribution of the Club Packs.

    It is quite feasible that a Club may reduce the Philas prices if they wish to pass on benefits to their members.

Finalising the Deal

   As each Club Pack is supplied, it will be accompanied by a Sales Sheet, which will have some of Part A completed. The Sheet Number, Lot Numbers and Total Reserve Value will be entered by Philas.

    Should the Club decide to keep all 25 items, they simply finalise the 'Sales Sheet A' section of the form, attach their cheque, and mail the form and cheque to Philas at PO Box 220, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300.

   If the Club decides to retain fewer than the 25 items, i.e., some items are to be returned, then they need to complete the 'Sales Sheet B' section of the form. The lot numbers and reserve values of the retained items must be entered and totalled, the 10% discount deducted, and a cheque drawn for the balance. If the unsold lots are to be returned by post, the parcel must be registered and insured for the reserve value of the enclosed items.

    Apply to:

        Philatelic Association of NSW
        Philas Club Pack
        PO BOX 220
        Darlinghurst NSW 1300


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