This Council was established when the Philatelic Association of NSW and the NSW Stamp Council were amalgamated in 2004. The Philatelic Development Council (PDC) took over the former roles of the NSW Stamp Council.

It is responsible for:

  • liaison with the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF),

  • the development of philately in NSW, 

  • philatelic exhibitions held in NSW,

  • liaison with recognized Australian stamp trade bodies,

  • all other functions previously undertaken by the NSW Stamp Council.

                        (Taken from the PHILAS Constitution,

                        printed October 2004.)

   The Philatelic Development Council exercises all such other functions delegated to it by PHILAS or the Executive Council* and has power to perform all such activities as appear to the Council to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Council.

 *The Executive Council controls and manages the affairs of PHILAS not undertaken by the PDC and the House Committee.

  An up-to-date report on recent and forthcoming stamp exhibitions is compiled regularly for the Council. Read the latest

Exhibitions Report here.

   In 2019 the PDC Chair, Linda Lee, was awarded a PHILAS Medal.  The citation for the award is here.

   The picture shows Linda receiving the medal from Philas President, Lionel Savins.

  The Philatelic Development Council comprises the following persons:


  Deputy Chairperson

  Council Secretary

  Public Relations Officer

  Youth Development Officer

  Philatelic Development Officer

  Representatives appointed by APTA and any other association of philatelic traders (provided that such representatives shall have a maximum of four (4) votes at any meeting of the Council).

  A representative appointed by Australia Post

  Three (3) Committee persons.

    The PDC may appoint any person to be a member of the Council where, in the opinion of the Council, this person may assist the Council in the attainment of its responsibilities and the performance of its functions. The PHILAS Treasurer is the Treasurer for the PDC.

    For the purpose of meetings a Quorum is 5 PDC members. Voting is by a show of hands. In the event of an equality of votes the person presiding may make a casting vote.

  Elected officers shall continue in office until the PHILAS AGM in each year, when the officers in the ensuing year shall be elected, those retiring being eligible for re-election.  Nominations in writing, signed by the Secretary of a member Society  in good standing or the public officer of an association of philatelic traders represented by the PDC, shall be forwarded to the Secretary so as to be in the hands of the Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the AGM. Vacancies occurring during the year shall be filled by the Executive Council.

(This paragraph applies to the Election of Officers for PHILAS. The PDC holds a separate AGM prior to the PHILAS AGM and the PDC Secretary forwards the results of the election of officers to the PHILAS Secretary for ratification at the PHILAS AGM.)