PHILAS House Open Days

First  time  in  12  months !

PHILAS  House  Open  Day

Saturday  19  June  2021

club tables, dealers, mini auction

Wall displays by the Silvertails of the

Manly - Warringah Club

   It is hoped to go ahead with the Open Day on Saturday 16 October 2021.

Ten local clubs have the opportunity for three of their members to display 8 pages each in the wall frames.

   Be optimistic and plan to be there with your displays.  Fred Grech of the organising club, Smithfield, would really appreciate your sending him an entry form early so that he can plan for the day in the event that it goes ahead.

   The entry form can be printed off here.


Our most recent Open Day:

Saturday 15th February 2020

The Philatelic Development Council (PDC) invited Linda Lee to display parts of her thematic collection Women in Society  at this event.  Photos of the day can be seen here .

What happens at Open Days

(in 'normal' times).

    Open Days are held three times each year - usually on the third Saturday of February, June and October, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

  Members of collectors' clubs affiliated to Philas can bring Lots for sale-by-tender (minimum reserve $5.00). Submit your Lots to the organisers before 11.00 am.

Each Open Day features:

  • Stamp dealers

  • Stamp club circuit books

  • Sale-by-tender

  • Mini Auction at 2:30pm (viewing ceases at 2:00pm) - no buyers commission

  • Stamp collecting and exhibiting advice

  • Philas Library is open

  • Free sample bag for Children

  • Light refreshments can be purchased - Sandwiches, Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks

  The Open Days are timed to occur about three weeks before a Philas Auction on the second Saturday of the following month.


Special activities featured on the Open Days are:

  • Displays arranged by the PDC in February

  • Displays by members of one affiliated club in June

  • Inter-clubs competition in October*

   * In October, three members from each of ten clubs display 8 album pages each. The winning club is decided by popular vote of visitors to the Open Day.