PHILAS House Open Days


Pictures from a typical PHILAS House Open Day.


More Open Day photos here .

The Open Day scheduled for

     Saturday  19 February has been cancelled.


Other Open Days scheduled for 2022 are:

      Saturday  18 June          Display from members of a club

      Saturday  15  October    Inter-club Competition 

What happens at Open Days

    Open Days are held three times each year - usually on the third Saturday of February, June and October, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

  Members of collectors' clubs affiliated to Philas can bring Lots for sale-by-tender (minimum reserve $5.00). Submit your Lots to the organisers before 11.00 am.

Each Open Day features:

  • Stamp dealers

  • Stamp club circuit books

  • Sale-by-tender

  • Mini Auction at 2:30pm (viewing ceases at 2:00pm) - no buyers commission

  • Stamp collecting and exhibiting advice

  • Philas Library is open

  • Free sample bag for Children

  • Light refreshments can be purchased - Sandwiches, Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks

  The Open Days are timed to occur about three weeks before a Philas Auction on the second Saturday of the following month.


Special activities featured on the Open Days are:

  • Displays arranged by the PDC in February

  • Displays by members of one affiliated club in June

  • Inter-clubs competition in October*

   * In October, three members from each of ten clubs display 8 album pages each. The winning club is decided by popular vote of visitors to the Open Day.