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Philas Honours List By Laws 

By-Laws Covering Awards for Meritorious Service to Philately within New South Wales

The Awards

There are currently three (3) levels of Award, these being:
The Stan Griffith Award Certificate of Merit for meritorious service to philately at Club Level
The Philas Certificate of Merit, for meritorious service to philately at State Level
The Philas Medal, for meritorious service to philately within N.S.W.  This award consists of a silver medallion bearing on the obverse the Association’s adopted design, with the recipient’s name and the year of the Award on the reverse.

Recipients of the Awards

The Recipient of any of the Awards shall be a person who is, or has been, associated, in a meritorious manner, with philately within N.S.W.
The Recipient need not be a member of any of our affiliated Societies, and may reside outside Australia.
More than one recipient in any particular year may receive Certificates of Merit.  Only one Philas Medal may be awarded in any one year.
Once having received an Award, no Recipient shall again be eligible as a candidate for that Award.


Nominations of Candidates for any Award are acceptable from the Philatelic Association of N.S.W. Inc., or from any affiliated Society.
Nominations shall be in writing, detailing the Candidate’s name and place of residence, together with a statement outlining the reasons why such Candidate should be considered eligible for the Award.
Such Nominations shall be signed and dated by the President and Secretary of the nominating Club or Society, and enclosed in a separate envelope, sealed and marked – PHILAS AWARD.  All such Nominations shall be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary of the Association not later than 31st October in each year.

Awards Selection Committee

The Awards Selection Committee shall consist of five (5) adjudicators, these being the President of the Association, the Vice-President for Country Members and the Chair of each of the Philas House Committee, the Philatelic Development Council and the Philas Library Inc.  This Committee is automatically elected each year, when the listed office bearers are elected.  This Committee shall appoint its own Chairman each year.
In the event of a Committee member’s demise or resignation from office, that person’s replacement shall automatically fill the vacancy.
A Committee member may be deemed to have ceased to be a member of the Committee if he or she fails to carry out the duties of the Committee, ceases to be a member of any affiliated Club or Society or ceases to be a member of the Association.  In such a case, that member’s replacement shall be effected in accordance with Clause 4(b) above.

Duties of the Awards Selection Committee

The Adjudicators shall receive from the Hon, Secretary, not later than two weeks after Nominations have closed for that year, the UNOPENED Nominations for the Awards and, after due consideration, accept or reject any or all Candidates for the Awards.  The decisions of the Awards Selection Committee shall be final, and they shall not be called upon to justify their decisions.
For the purpose of these By-Laws, the words “Meritorious Service” shall be understood to have as their meaning that which is suggested to the minds of the
On the selection of a successful Candidate, the Committee shall submit such Candidate’s name and address to the Hon. Secretary of the Association, together with a Statement covering reasons for preferment.  The President shall announce the successful Candidate(s) at the Annual General Meeting of that particular year.  No statement shall be made in respect of unsuccessful Nominees.
The Awards Selection Committee need not make Awards in any particular year.  They shall, however, inform the Hon. Secretary of the Association that no Award has been given at a particular Level.
If and when an Adjudicator has been nominated as a candidate for an Award, he or she shall be excluded from taking part in considering the merits of his or her Candidature for such Award.  The remaining four (4) Adjudicators shall in such case be deemed sufficient in number for the purpose of accepting or rejecting such Nomination.

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