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eastwood epping philatelic society

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2023 Programme

3 January

   Exchange night and sale by tender

7 February

    Display:  Worldwide mis-sent mail

                   by Ted Lean

7 March

   Display:  Humans in Antarctica

                 by Darren Jones

4 April 

    Members night:  Philatelic tips

2 May

   Display:   A Potpourri of Cinderellas

                   by James Ross

6 June

   Remembering Glenis Hill

July 4

   Sale by tender

1 August

   Display of a Philas collection:

      The Changing Face of Europe

5 September

   Display:  Switzerland's Soldier Stamps

                  by John Passmore

3 October

   Sale by Tender.  Annual fees due.

7 November

   Display:  Descent into the Abyss.  A

          philatelic re-telling of the Shoah

          (Holocaust) by Bruce Chadderton.

5 December

   Christmas meeting.  Sale by tender; circuit books; sale tables.

Meeting Time

  First Tuesday of each month (including   January and December)

  Doors Open 7.15 pm

  Meeting commences 7.45 pm

Meeting Place

  Epping Presbyterian Church Hall

  Corner Bridge & Rawson Streets,


  (entry from Rawson Street)

How To Get There

   5 minute walk from Epping Station



Members pay attention to Secretary Keith Emery at the October 2022 meeting.

About Us

The Eastwood - Epping Philatelic Society was first formed in 1950. In the halcyon days of the 1980s its membership topped 112. Nowadays it hovers around the 90 mark and remains one of the strongest philatelic clubs in the Sydney area.

Its poorly kept secrets are the superb displays, the monthly auctions and hearty fellowship.

For more information about our club or if you would like to become a member please contact our Secretary (contact details below).

Contact Us

   Hon. Secretary:

   Mr Keith Emery

   P O Box 165

   Eastwood  NSW 2122

   Phone: 9809 1584

Club page updated 12/12/2022

Affiliated with

The Philatelic Association of NSW (PHILAS)




Sale by tender

Exchange or circuit books

Guest speakers

Membership fees

Adults $10.00 per annum

Juniors $2.00 per annum

Payable in October


Members view the 1956 Olympics collection in September 2022.


Wilson Ilbery showed members the Philas collection 1956 Olympic Games at our September 2022 meeting.

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