PDC Office Holders 2019 / 2020

The PDC office holders are elected annually at the AGM.

The current PDC Officers are:

   Council Chair                                                       Linda Lee                    

   Deputy Council Chair                                          Lionel Savins               

   Council Secretary                                                Greg Korsman

   Philatelic Development Officer: Metropolitan      David Collyer             

   Philatelic Development Office:  Country             Ed Wolf                       

   Public Relations Officer                                       Vacant

   Youth Development Officer                                 John Pearson

   Committee Members                                          Yung Benson   

                                                                              Geoffrey Lewis                       

                                                                              John Moore

David Collyer and Ed Wolf are the PDC Councillors on the PHILAS Executive Council for 2019 / 2020.

 The NSW Philatelic Development Council has awarded Mal Nicholson the PDC Medal for his work with young stamp collectors over the last 30 years.

  Mal's response to receiving the Award, and a history of his youth work, can be read here .

  An up-to-date report on recent and forthcoming stamp exhibitions is compiled regularly for the Council by the Philatelic Development Officer, Metropolitan. Read the latest

Exhibitions Report here.

The Council's report to PHILAS for March 2020 can be read here.

The National Stamp Exhibition held in Sydney every four years is organised by the PDC.  This is a general view of the 2019 Exhibition held at the Hurstville sports stadium.

   In 2019 the PDC Chair, Linda Lee, was awarded a PHILAS Medal.  The citation for the award is here.

   The picture shows Linda receiving the medal from Philas President, Lionel Savins.

Philatelic Exhibitions

  The PDC has responsibility for all State and National philatelic exhibitions in NSW. The PDC can provide assistance to exhibitors on request and arrange NSW members for Challenges held at National Shows. The monthly philatelic exhibitions report on all philatelic exhibitions prepared by David Collyer is posted on the PDC website.