China Study group



Normal meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of selected months.

Note: the September meeting is a group display for the PSNSW. This is a Saturday meeting and starts at 2.00 pm.

Meeting Time

Normal meetings: meetings start at 1.30 pm.

Meeting Place

Philas House

1st Floor

17 Brisbane Street


How to get there

Philas House is near the southern end of Hyde Park, Whitlam Square, and Museum Station.


2022 Programme

21 May

  Display:  Peoples Republic of China in the 

                 21st century

                 by Ruth Mitchell

20 August

  Display:  The yearly collection of PRC 1995

                 -1999 by Z C Chang

19 November

  Display:  The postal history of Tsingtao/

                Qingdao from1998 to the present                 by Albert Cheung

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