CONDITIONS OF SALE as of 1 October 2013

The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of all the following conditions:

  1.    All lots have an estimate which is an expression of opinion of the market value of the lot and is merely a guide. Bidders may bid above or below the estimate, but bids below 80% of the estimate may not be processed.

  2.    Bulk lots, collections or accumulations must be taken with all faults and errors (if any) and are not returnable under any circumstances. Any lot containing more than 10 items (excepting sets of stamps) is always offered “as is” and cannot be returned for any reason.

  3.    No lot can be rejected if the buyer or his agent has inspected the lot prior to auction, irrespective of whether or not any items within the lot have been, through inadvertence, incorrectly described.

  4.    Viewing of lots is by personal inspection at the times stated on the cover of the catalogue.  We regret that lots cannot be sent out for viewing prior to the auction. However, photocopies may be available for SINGLE items (not collections) at 20c per photocopy plus postage.  Philas accepts mint Australian stamps in payment of photocopier charges.

  5.   Please assist by bidding in Australian dollars in the following steps :
      $2 steps up to $40 bid;                $5 from $40 to $100 bid;           $10 from $100 to $200 bid;

  6.   $20 from $200 to $500 bid;          $50 bids over $500;                   $100 bids over $1000.

      Bids “out of step” may be rounded off.

  6.   Section 2 of the Auction Catalogue is a Postal Bid Sale only.  Bids below 80% of estimate may not be accepted.

  7.   Bids may be made in person, or submitted by telephone. Telephone bids must be confirmed in writing. Postal Bids received after noon on the         day prior to Auction Day are unlikely to be processed.

  8.   All lots are sold to the highest bidder at one step over the second highest bid, subject to any reserve price. The Auctioneer has absolute

     discretion to settle any dispute.

  9.  The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid.  “Buy” bids will not be accepted.  “Limit” or “Or” bids can be made for you in the room by

    our agent.  “Or” bids may only be accepted for lots close to each other.  While every care is taken in executing bids, the Auctioneer cannot be

    held responsible for any errors or omissions. PLEASE CHECK YOUR BIDS CAREFULLY.

10.  Any lot purchased is at the risk of the Buyer at the fall of the hammer, but title passes only when payment in full is received by the Auctioneer.

    Room buyers should pay for and collect their purchases on auction day. Postal buyers must pay for their purchases including all postage,

    packing, insurance costs, and buyers premium immediately upon receipt of Philas’ invoice.  Where you employ an agent to bid on your behalf,

    such agent will become liable for all purchases whether the purchaser is known or unknown to Philas. Accounts unpaid after 30 days may incur

    an interest charge on the outstanding amount.

11.   A Buyers Premium of 10% will be added to all invoices.  Members are not liable for the Goods and Services Tax.

12.   Invoices including postage and packing charges will be forwarded to successful postal bidders (who wish material to be posted) within three

    days of the auction. Postage on totals up to $100 will be by Registered Mail; over $100 will be by Registered Mail plus insurance. Payment in full

    is due IMMEDIATELY on receipt of the invoice.

13.   Postal bidders intending to collect lots should enquire by telephone whether or not they have been successful and arrange a time for

    collection. This can generally be arranged in the week following the auction – Sunday after 1.00pm; Monday, Tuesday and Saturday 10.00am to

    3.30pm and thereafter on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Please advise on the bid form whether lots are to be collected or posted.

14.   Lots not paid for within 30 days of the auction may be subject to forfeit and placed in a succeeding auction with any deficit being the

    responsibility of the original purchaser. Storage may be charged for purchased lots left on the premises.

15.   Postal bidders, who have not seen the lots they are buying, may reject any lot (with the exception of bulk lots, collections or accumulations)

    where the description is not in accordance with that given in the catalogue. However, any such lots are only returnable within forty-eight (48)

    hours of receipt and in the condition received. No lot will be rejected if, subsequent to the auction, it has been immersed in water or treated by

    any other process whatsoever unless Philas’ express permission for such treatment has first been obtained in writing. Generally lots that have

    been inspected prior to the auction are not returnable.

16.   Expert Opinions: Extensions for certificates will be granted only where an application in writing has been received by the Auctioneer at least

     twenty-four (24) hours prior to the auction. Payment for any purchase on extension must be made in full in accordance with Clause 9 above. The

     onus shall be on the Buyer to obtain such certificate and bear all costs unless the item is proven to be not genuine, in which case all costs will be

     refunded to the Buyer.  Compensation is limited to $A25.

Governing Law: These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales.

NOTE: Bidders receive catalogues free within Australia. However, if no bid is received for three (3) consecutive auctions, mailings of the catalogue may be terminated.
   Telephone bids will be accepted on (02) 9264 8301 or (02) 9264 8406 answer-phone, to be confirmed in writing. Please 'phone to check if bids are successful on the days following the auction (see Clause 13 above).
   All postal communications in respect of the auction should be directed to:

                                                                                            PHILAS STAMP AUCTIONS,  PO BOX 220,  DARLINGHURST,  N.S.W.  1300

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