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PHILAS  HOUSE  closed!   Auction postponed!

PHILAS President, Lionel Savins writes:

   Since the current lockdown has been extended for a further four weeks, Philas House will now remain closed for this period - up to the end of August.  Auction 138, which was rescheduled to the 14th August, must again be moved, but this time we cannot nominate when the auction will be held, nor can we confirm the form that it will take.  This will be determined and advised as the situation develops and becomes clearer.  Meanwhile, we will still accept postal bids until further notice.  Stay safe and keep yourselves busy.

Changes to Auction Catalogue:

Some corrections have been made to the Auction Catalogue.  Use the menu button at top of screen to go to the Auction web page and see the changes.

August 2021 Club meetings

Because of Sydney's Covid-19 lockdown, it can be assumed that club meetings and events will not happen in Sydney in August.

Club web pages have not necessarily been updated - check with club office bearers for confirmation.

The Winter's Day with Stamps has been re-scheduled to

                                            Saturday 25 September 2021

News  headlines:

  • Auction 138 Catalogue and images are now on this website.  Use the 'Auction' button above. 

  • At its 24 April club representatives' Council meeting it was resolved:  That the Philas fee for affiliated clubs be increased to $1.00 per club member per annum from July 2021.

  • The July 2021 PHILAS News newsletter has now been published. Use the button at top of page to read it in full colour.   Please advise local club news etc for the next newsletter to the link at the bottom of this page by Friday 24 September 2021.

  • Philas Open Day will go ahead on 16 October. There will be an inter-clubs competition for displays from three members of each club.  Ten clubs have already signed up for this.

  • The next 'local' stamp exhibition is Royalpex in Palmerston North, New Zealand, on 10 - 12 September 2021.  See the website .  The Australian Commissioner is Tony Griffin.   His email address is .

  • For details on Canberra Stamp Show 2022 to be held on 18 - 20 March 2022, follow this link.

  • PHILAS House has a new security system - see details below.

  • The latest report on Stamp Exhibitions, including results, cancellations and rescheduling can be read from the link on the PDC page (use the PDC menu button at top of screen).

  • Philas is always looking for volunteers.  Print off a recruiting pamphlet here and distribute it to your fellow collectors.

  • A new book, Tasmanian Postal Stationery by Malcolm Groom and Allen Shetten is available at a pre-publication price of $120.00 until 19 September 2021 (p & p $20.00 within Australia).  After that date, the price is $150.00.  Ordering details at .


  PHILAS House now has a state-of-the-art security system with multiple cameras on every floor and covering the entrance areas.  The views from the cameras can be monitored in real time and can be viewed as recordings for at least a month afterwards.  It is also possible to get close-ups of anything recorded by the cameras.

  This increased security will be a great help during the auctions and on auction viewing days.

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