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    The Philatelic Association of New South Wales Inc.

PHILAS House sold

Philas House at 17 Brisbane Street, Darlinghurst has now been sold.  The building is now closed to the publlic.  Philas volunteers no longer have access to the building.

New premises have been purchased and will be refurbished.  Full details are here.  The date for resumption of Philas activities will be advised on this web site.


An era passes.  Philas House at 17 Brisbane Street has been sold.

From the Philas Auction Manager:

The Philas Auction Manager, Michael Nibbs, writes:

Due to our relocation from Brisbane Street in January, the LAST DATE for acceptance of consignments from vendors was Tuesday 3 January.  Notice of the date from which consignments can be accepted at our new location will be posted to this website.

The auction normally scheduled in March is postponed until further notice and will be held in our new premises. 

Watch this website for further information on the re-location of Philas House and future auction dates.

A detailed notice on the auction changes is on the Auctions page. 

The on-line catalogue for Auction 142 of 12 November 2022 as well as a pdf version and the Prices Realised list are still available.  Use the 'Auctions' menu button above.

News  headlines:

  • The October 2022 PHILAS News newsletter was the most recently published. Use the button at top of screen to read it in full colour.  The next Philas News, normally due in January 2023, has been delayed by the Philas House relocation activities.  Clubs will be notified when publishing resumes.

  • The NSW team won the Australasian Challenge at Wellington, NZ, in November 2022.  See the photo on the PDC web page (use the menu button at top of screen).

  • The Calendar of club meetings has been brought up to date, thanks to Ilana Cohen.  View the calendar here.  Advise of any changes needed by contacting the editor's email at the bottom of this screen.

  • Philas is always looking for volunteers.  Print off a recruiting pamphlet here and distribute it to your fellow collectors.

Club web page updates:

The following club web pages have been updated recently.

Use the 'Clubs' menu button above to view the pages.

  • Northern Suburbs club has photos from its end-of-year function

  • The Wagga Wagga Philatelic Society's 2023 syllabus is now on its web page.  Also, photos from the November 2022 Stamp Fair.

  • Orange has posted its latest Newsletter and photos of the November 2022 Spring Fair.

  • 2023 programmes are now on the following club pages:

  • Campbelltown

  • Parramatta Philatelic Society's 

  • Philatelic Society of Australia'

  • Eastwood-Epping programme and also news items

  • Northern Suburbs and also photos of the Winter's Day with Stamps.

  • Smithfield has photos of its recent meetings and its 2023 Programme of meetings on its web page.

  • Turramurra

See the Association's Objectives and learn more about the Association's history here.

    You too can become a Philas helper.  Check our volunteers page

To contribute content or to advise corrections to this website, please email the editor.

Website last updated 16 March 2023.

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