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Auction 141

This special high-value auction

was held on

Saturday 17 September 2022

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A traditional prices realised list can be viewed here.  Note that unsold Lots ARE NOT available for post-auction sale.  They will be offered again in a future auction.

Full information on Philas auctions is here.

Mark Bailey reports on special auction 141:


The total hammer price was just over $190,000.

262 lots were sold out of 452.  (57%)  A majority of the Flower's lots sold, many at spectacular amounts.    Many of the unsold lots were GB lots in which interest is waning amongst collectors.

131 (EXACTLY half of the lots) were sold to online bidders.    Preliminary examination of the data suggests that a clear majority of these bidders are first time bidders at PHILAS.     These bidders paid $84,000.   Let's be clear - 44% of our dollars came from buyers who have never bid at a PHILAS auction.


Our in room and absentee bidders paid $106,000.   A number of these bidders were also new to PHILAS.


Of interest, our presence on line has generated a number of leads from new sellers.   We know that because the enquiries have come from the invaluable platform.

Club web page updates:

The following club web pages have been updated recently.

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  • Gosford club page now has a picture of its meeting venue.

  • Blue Mountains Stamp Club has decided to fold.

  • Campbelltown has photos from its 50th Anniversary event.

  • Northern Suburbs has photos of the Winter's Day with Stamps.

  • Orange has posted its latest Newsletter.

  • Smithfield has photos of its recent meetings.

  • Sutherland club has a new meeting venue from 12 July.

News  headlines:

  • The Calendar of club meetings has been brought up to date, thanks to Ilana Cohen.  View the calendar here.  Advise of any changes needed by contacting the editor's email at the bottom of this screen.

  • The July 2022 PHILAS News newsletter has now been published. Use the button at top of screen to read it in full colour.  The next Philas News will be out in October 2022, submissions by 23 September 2022, please.

  • Philas is always looking for volunteers.  Print off a recruiting pamphlet here and distribute it to your fellow collectors.

  • PHILAS House has a new security system - see details below.


  PHILAS House now has a state-of-the-art security system with multiple cameras on every floor and covering the entrance areas.  The views from the cameras can be monitored in real time and can be viewed as recordings for at least a month afterwards.  It is also possible to get close-ups of anything recorded by the cameras.

  This increased security will be a great help during the auctions and on auction viewing days.

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