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Discounted Sale of Unsold Lots from PHILAS Auction 135 !!

Currently, unsold lots from the March auction are available at discounts of up to 30%.

Use the 'Auction' menu button at the top of this screen to go to the page with full details.

This sale will end on Monday 10 August!  Send your orders in now!

Date for the next Auction in 2020:  14 November  (subject to confirmation).

PHILAS House re-opened from Saturday 27 June

Philas President, Lionel Savins, advises:

  Normal operations in PHILAS House have now resumed, including regular meetings of the clubs that usually meet there. Strict observance of government regulations concerning COVID-19 must be followed as they apply at the dates of the meetings.


  PHILAS House now has a state-of-the-art security system with multiple cameras on every floor and covering the entrance areas.  The views from the cameras can be monitored in real time and can be viewed as recordings for at least a month afterwards.  It is also possible to get close-ups of anything recorded by the cameras.

  This increased security will be a great help during the auctions and on auction viewing days.

News  headlines:

  • PHILAS House has a new security system - see details above.

  • Well-known Sydney stamp dealer Alf Campe has passed away - obituary here.

  • The first club to meet in PHILAS House since its re-opening was the Philatelic Society of NSW on Saturday 27 June.  See the photos on their club page.

  • A number of clubs have now advised that they are resuming meetings.  See the club pages for details.

  • AusVipex 2020, a virtual online stamp exhibition, is soliciting entries now.  See details below.

  • The latest report on Stamp Exhibitions, including results, cancellations and rescheduling can be read from the link on the PDC page (use the PDC menu button at top of screen).

  • The PHILAS News newsletter has not been published during the period of coronavirus restrictions.  It is hoped to publish again in August.  Please advise local club news etc for the next newsletter to the link at the bottom of this page.

AusVipex 2020

  An Australia-wide virtual one-frame (16 pages) stamp exhibition!  Your .pdf copies of album pages are being solicited now (entries close 30 September 2020 and scans are required no later than 20 October 2020).


The Prospectus, Entry Form and full details are available here.


now  postponed  to

Friday 21 October 2021  to  Sunday 23 October 2021

Details will be updated as known here . 

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